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Another request for captainfrostbite; Grinch’s loadout from Down The Rabbit Hole.

This was actually pretty fun to make, and even though it was a bit tedious trying to find references to work from (and the individual bits of kit needed) I’m pretty satisfied with the result.

In Down the Rabbit Hole, Team Metal are seen wearing Multicam along with what appear to be TAD Ranger hoodies - although strangely they’re not fleecy like the ones worn by TF-141 in Loose Ends. Unlike TF-141, their BDU pants also come with integrated knee pads, and the tactical vests they wear appear to be generic chest rigs as opposed to Rhodesian Recon Vests. Grinch’s setup consists of a pistol holster and three pistol mag pouches; he apparently carries spare ammo for his M14 in a leg platform on his left leg along with a utility platform on his right that he apparently has his knife sheathed on.

The three constants of Grinch’s loadout are his hat (which is similar to the one worn by Gaz in COD4 but with no flag patch), his radio headset and his shooting glasses; the only time he’s seen without the latter are when he’s wearing his gas mask in Bag and Drag. As far as I can remember, he’s always seen wearing Oakley gloves too, but in this mission they’re olive drab rather than tan.

Components of his loadout not pictured here include chem-lights, which he has attached to his chest rig, the US flag patches worn on his sleeves, and the black undershirt or sweater worn under his Ranger hoodie. Other than that, this is pretty much everything you’ll need to replicate his loadout.

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